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Taking a girl out on a date already says a lot. But this whole business is not just about seducing someone. You must gain the confidence and trust of the person sitting at the other end of the table. More than that, you must make her feel good in your presence and even want more. How to do this? Simple! When you’re not flirting with her just let her take control for a while.

Always keep in mind that women’s favorite subject is themselves. This little “bug” in their software gives men a big advantage in a conversation and that is curiosity. Yet, only a few use it because of the misconceptions surrounding curiosity in general. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but when a conversation between a man and a woman is concerned, I don’t think it ever hurt anyone. What I’m trying to say is that if she says something that makes you curious… just ask her! This will tell her that you are interested in her person. Nevertheless, watch out for those not so discreet questions that could turn you into a cat and get you killed.

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Another thing most men forget is that women, even the prettiest, disregard themselves. If you discovered something about her that you really like make sure she can feel your admiration. This rule applies to anything from the color of her eyes to the way she back-parked her car for example. Still, try to use original ways to make compliments and remember that you’ll receive the most “points” for cherishing her intelligence.

Always listen to her when she talks! Sounds too obvious? Maybe, but the key thing is that it counts less if you’ve been really listening to her as long as she thinks you weren’t. Therefore, you can use several tricks like saying confirmation phrases (“I see”, “yes” etc.) showing that you’re following her. Just don’t do it so much that she mistakes you for her shrink. Re-telling what she just said is another useful skill as long as you don’t abuse it. You simply rephrase what she said, and she’ll know you got the point. Nevertheless, it can be very annoying if you overuse it.

And, as I mentioned earlier, when she makes you curious about something just ask her! This proves you were listening in the first place. The same happens when you make a compliment based on something she just said.

But curiosity can also be used whenever you run out of topics in a conversation. Every woman is curious by nature so all you have to do is to stir her curiosity and forget all about you running out of interesting subjects or her getting bored.

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